Friday 1 March 2013

Artwork by William Exley

I am proud to announce the artists that will appearing on CRRMMXIII, the forthcoming compilation release on Cutting Room Records!

I'm extremely excited about this line-up, a fine collection of some the most exhilarating underground music around. To hear/find out more information on any of the artists, check out the links page above....

The actual track titles will remain a secret for the time being, but I can assure you its an awe-inspiring collection. So then, the culprits in question are:

Anbu: Details on this artist prove elusive, but the music speaks for itself. Broken techno at its finest, dragged kicking and screaming through squealing, crunchy distortion. Harsh, but always controlled. Definitely bigger things to come....

Brutes: Brutes are key players in the London “This Is DIY” collective, organising shows and gigging tirelessly. Through a wall of distorted fuzzed-up guitars and effect-saturated vocals, they thrash out loud, deranged and energising noise rock that would give Lightning Bolt and Moha! a run for their money. 

C_C: Eduardo Ribuyo, under the moniker C_C, has been making big waves in the electronic music scene following releases on Bedroom Research and Small But Hard. This is techno put through the meatgrinder, all crunching grooves and skewed beats, squeaks and scratches, via a healthy dose of analogue distortion. He also helps run fellow tape label Third Type Tapes.

Civic Spaces: Little is known about the enigma that is Civic Spaces. What I do know is that he produces mysterious radiophonic sounds that appear to be discarded sound effects from a 1960's episode of Doctor Who, often combined with delay and reverb-soaked rantings and junkyard instrumentation. Uneasy and immersive listening....

Deadfader: Since the release of “Corrupt My Examiner” on the fantastic 3by3 label, Deadfader (AKA John Cohen) has consistently upped his game, further refining his bass heavy and brutally distorted craft on the awesome “Luckeeey” and “Work It, No” EPs. Combining fierce noise and hard hitting beats with some of the slickest production I have heard in recent years, Cohen is creating some of the heaviest, most exhilarating music around.

Death Pedals: Alongside Brutes, Death Pedals have been heavily involved in the London DIY scene, putting on amazing punk and rock shows in recent years as part of their “I Hate The Kids” night. They bust out frenzied, thundering, no frills rock n' roll akin to the likes of Hot Snakes, The Bronx and Night Marchers, and look like they have as much fun playing it as you will have listening to it.

DJ Die Soon: Part of the collaborative force behind the Small But Hard label, DJ Die Soon has been forging his own unique and experimental musical style, sharing stages with the likes of Kool Keith, DJ Krush and Roots Manuva along the way. Influenced by early electronic music, hip hop and Japanese horror, he is outputting beat-heavy and wonderfully skewed, spooky and weird tunes.  

K(no o): If I may quote NGRRR on the brilliant website: “K(no o) has got a name you can’t pronounce, shits out tracks like he’s stealing ‘em, most of ‘em so loud you can’t hear anything, and he’s got a well aggressive attitude that makes me think he might be an angry fucking genius like Ian Curtis.” Rhythmic, chopped and crafted noise music, K(no o) is out to destroy speakers and eardrums.

Matthew Pastkewicz: Bringing together multi-instrumentation, electronics, vocals and chained effects, Matthew is making some of the most inspiring, unnerving, dark and beautiful music I have heard in recent times. Combining classical, industrial, drone, noise and dark ambience, his tracks swell and evolve into ever-shifting soundscapes. Phenomenal, engaging and totally immersive.

Microbes/VORRS: With his self-titled EP from last year, Microbes holds the honour of being the debut release on Cutting Room Records. On this EP he combined musique concrete, synths and found-sound to generate waves of haunted ambience, dissonant tones and distortion-heavy drone. For this compilation he is being remixed by new-noisy-kid-on-the-block VORRS, who, via a mere two short audio clips on Soundcloud, has managed to inspire an awful lot of excitement and seemingly a future release on the aforementioned 3by3 label. 

NO: One sweaty and intense gig, and a fantastic self-titled 12” on Static Shock was enough to convince me that NO are arguably the finest and most exciting hardcore band in the country right now. This is fast and hard punk music with enough twists and turns to keep you hooked to every blistering second. Visceral, honest and ferocious as hell, simply awesome.

Worm Wizard: Worm Wizard is the new project from Wayne Adams, who has previously been found playing bass in Death Pedals (see above) and making some extremely aggressive and seizure-enducing digi-grind under the guise of Ladyscraper.  Worm Wizard demonstrates the same pin-point drum edits and heavyweight attitude as his breakcore-producing twin, but with a sludge/doom-influenced pace that is every bit as hard-hitting.

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